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Where business meets science

October 1st - 2nd 2015
Radenci, Slovenia


We invite you to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and achievements to colleagues and professional as well as general public in the form of a conference contribution.

Objectives and purpose of the conference

Sci&B is an international conference in the field of informatics and computer science, whose main purpose is through current topics connect and demonstrate different views of the scientific and entrepreneurial sphere. In addition, its purpose is also to connect these two spheres with some individual contributions. Marketing, customer management, data and its visualization, information security and information as well as communication technology are areas that are essential to the operation of the business, but increasingly determine the function of scientific sphere, which educates young computer-IT staff. Therefore, we wish to demonstrate knowledge, innovations, trends and experience in these areas at the conference. We wish also to upgrade these topics with discussing actual areas such as social networks in the future and IT issues, marketing and communication of young start-up and spin-off companies.


We invite you to send the application for one of the following topics:
1.    Science-and-Business Marketing,
2.    Costumer Experience Management,
3.    Data Science for Science and Business,
4.    Visualization of Data,
5.    Information Security (Infosec),
6.    ICT Enabled Innovation,
7.    Start-Ups and Spin-Offs (communication, promotion, marketing, etc.),
8.    Social Networks in the Future.

Topic registration

The application should include a title, the author, or authors, an e-mail address and a half-page content description (summary). Summaries will be reviewed by the program committee. All summaries will be reviewed and evaluated in terms of originality, actuality and the actual or potential applicability. All accepted applications will be upgraded to authors' contributions and will be included in the conference program, where authors will present their written contribution, and will be included in the conference Journal. Authors will be exempt from conference fee for the duration of the conference (only cost accommodation and catering are payable).


Register / Login is open until 24 September 2015.


  • The summary (maximum 10 lines) has to be sent to the following address by 5 September 2015.
  • The confirmation will be sent to the authors within 14 days after the delivery of the summary.
  • The final text has to be submitted in the form of a contribution (up to 4 pages), which should be prepared in accordance with the instructions for preparing the paper by 13 September. Scientific articles will be reviewed.


Each paper is a contribution to the enrichment of the conference content and an opportunity for a personal affirmation, or the promotion of your knowledge, so you are kindly invited to participate.


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