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Tadej Jevševar

Co-founder and sales manager, Chipolo d.o.o.

After successful completing Gimnazija Trbovlje high school, Tadej Jevševar continued his education at the Faculty of Economics in Maribor, program Electronic commerce. During his studies he participated on the project Economic Analysis of the Migration of Scientists of EU (2011), which was held within the Institute for Economic Research (IER).
He is the co-founder of Chipolo d.o.o, whose name derives from the name of the product, which has become a bestseller of Kickstarter campaign, under which they raise $ 300,000. He is a great expert of social networks, and it is also responsible for Chipolo having carefully and perfectly developed distribution in the worldwide network. His greatest passion is technology. Technology presents him a challenge, the possibility of creating something new, yet undeveloped. The guiding principle of his work is creating innovation, whose common denominator is the satisfaction of the end-user, which in his opinion could be achieved with usability and eye-catching and significant design. As the development of popular game named Activity for Tablet PCs has made Entertainment more fun in a unique way, so has the product Chipolo put much-needed sense of security, that objects which have become an indispensable part of our every day are in familiar place, in our lives.

Robert Kopal, Ph.D

IN2data & University College Algebra

Dr. Robert Kopal is a college professor, scientific director of IN2data d.o.o. company, Associate Dean of Research and Development at the Algebra College, the head of Bachelor program on Digital Marketing, a member of the board of Effectus College – College for Finance and Law; lecturer at several colleges in the Republic of Croatia and in the CROMA EduCare program (Croatian Association of Managers and Entrepreneurs).
Dr. Kopal has published ten books and authored several book chapters as well as over forty professional and scientific works. He served as a presenter and lecturer at around hundred business and analytical workshops. He created several specialized information systems. He is a certified trainer in the field of structured analytical techniques and analytical SW; member of SCIP and ALEIA; member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Economics & Management Sciences and member of the organization Global Journal of Technology and Optimization. Dr. Kopan lectured at many national and international conferences and has participated and led several domestic and international analytical projects.

Milan Gabor

Viris d.o.o.

Milan Gabor is the manager and owner of Viris. This company’s primary business is development and security for information systems. Throughout his work, Mr. Gabor has been constantly faced with new challenges in the field of information security. Mr. Gabor has a wide range of practical knowledge involved with various fields in IT systems. He has continually upgraded his skills through education and training which has enabled him to provide high-quality consultancy for various companies and institutions. Mr. Gabor is actively involved in the research and development team within his company, and he also prepares research papers, lectures and workshops on the field of information security.

Leo Mršić, Ph.D.

IN2data & College Algebra

Director IN2data d.o.o. (member of IN2 group), the Head of Department of Data Management and Analysis at Algebra college. He gained work experience in insurance, finance, information technology in management; he has more than 10 years of experience in managing groups/companies, he participated in the launch of two start-up initiatives; he is an active judicial expert in the field of finance, accounting and information technology; he is a professor at the University of Finance and Law Effectus Zagreb (Business risk management), and at the College of Applied Computer Science Algebra Zagreb (electronic commerce); he is a co-author of three books and collaborator in several scientific and professional works in the field of applied methods of business intelligence in business operations; he is a board member of HrOUG (Hrvatske ZDRUŽENJA Oracle korisnika), THE ASSOCIATION YES (Young Executives Society), Croatian society of judicial experts (Hrvaško društvo sudskih vještaka (HDSV))

Jose Antonio Morales

Aurora Coworking

Jose Antonio Morales is a Peruvian born entrepreneur that lives in Slovenia and spends his time learning and sharing his findings with others. He enjoys entrepreneurship and believes it’s a path for personal growth and positive social impact. Jose started his professional life as an IT Pro, multiple times awarded Microsoft partner and recognized internationally. He grew out of technology after a two year project where he filed his first patent for a management consulting firm in New York; He decided to become a full time entrepreneur, support entrepreneurship and enjoy of his life traveling and meeting new people. He funded Aurora Coworking, a center for business and entrepreneurship in Murska Sobota, a rural city in Slovenia, with the intention of starting up a community of entrepreneurs no one attended directly before. He also co-founded the Fear & Fail events and Lincoln Island Research Society.

Dr. sc. Goran Klepac, RBA

University College Algebra & Raiffeisen Bank

Director of strategic development at Raiffeisen Bank; college professor, course leader at several higher education institutions; the Head of Department of Information Systems at Algebra college; consultant in the field of intelligent systems development and marketing and risk management solutions, including combining interdisciplinary fields and the detection of irregularities and their causes in structured and unstructured source data, and the development of models such as the assembly of early warning, cross selling, up selling, segmentation, etc.; author and co-author of a considerable number of books published at a national and international level in the field of business intelligence, data mining, data science and credit risks; involved in the use and development of new concepts and methods of evolutionary computing, probabilistic models, expert assembly and methods of advanced analytics, and solving business problems with a focus on decision support;; member of the editorial board of international scientific journals: International Journal of Computing and Optimization, Global Journal of Technology and Optimization.

Tomaž Zaman

Codeable ApS

Tomaž spent years as a freelancer, building websites and applications for clients all over the world. He’s a completely self-taught developer who also likes to fiddle with servers.
At Codeable, he’s responsible for product development and promotion, so you might find him at a WP conference or UX workshop, where he’s trying to learn about users’ habits as much as possible.
In his free time, he spends time with his wife and four children, jumps out of perfectly working airplanes and enjoys a good movie.

Luka Perne

Microsoft d.o.o.

Luka Perne is a technologic adviser for Microsoft partners. He works primarily on contemporary cloud solutions. His role is to educate partner companies and raise awareness on how they can effectively use Azuru stations and other Microsoft cloud services.

dr. Rok Libnik

Telekom Slovenije d.d.

Rok Libnik leads the group of product managers in the Marketing department of Telekom Slovenije, and is responsible for the full lifecycle of the comprehensive business segment targeted portfolio (from SOHO to Enterprises). During the years 2011-2013 he was the Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Avtenta, where he was responsible for portfolio management and GTM strategies of cloud services to the thus far untapped Slovenian SMB market. Prior to that Rok had held a number of senior positions related to B2B product marketing.
Rok holds PhD in Telecommunications from the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School in Ljubljana. Before his PhD studies he took a BSc degree in Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, followed by a Masters’ degree in Economics at the Faculty of Economics, both at the University of Ljubljana

mag. Jože Marinček

Agito d.o.o.

After graduating from Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana Jože Marinšek continued to gain his knowledge as a faculty assistant and junior researcher at the Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics. He acquired a wide range of practical knowledge from different fields of information systems as a consultant and project manager. He has more than 15 years of experience in developing advanced software for Slovenian and international companies; his interests are particularly focused on the field of advanced business analytics - data collection, preparation, processing and interpretation of particular business data. Currently he is a technical project manager and head of business analytics at Agito. He obtained the "Microsoft Certified Professional" certificate.

Marko Balažic

Marko Balažic started his educational path at secondary and vocational school in Murska Sobota. Currently he is finalizing his studies at Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science at University of Ljubljana. He has dedicated much of his time to developing web-based solutions. This year he has also participated in the PKP project where his team developed a web application for enterprises Kolektor. In June he and his friend implemented the VR project for the FLOW festival in Finland. In August 2015 he began his traineeship in the company Proxima, where his team is developing the idea that won at the Ideas competition of Proxima.

Lovro Šubelj

Faculty of Computer and Information science

Lovro Šubelj is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science at University of Ljubljana. He graduated in 2008 at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics and the Faculty of Computer and Information Science and finished his Ph.D. in 2013 (topic: analysis of large networks). He is an author or co-author of over fifty scientific papers and patents. His work has been recognized as an outstanding scientific achievement in Slovenia by the Public Agency for Research and presented at prestigious international universities such as Stanford and UCSD. He participated in a number of successfully completed research and development projects in cooperation with Petrol, Celtra, Optilab, Iskratel and other companies.

Matjaž Horvat

Mozilla Slovenija

After graduating Matjaž Horvat started his career in the startups Zemanta, and XLAB. Today he lives under the hills of Lendavske gorice and is an engineer for Mozilla, known primarily because of its Firefox browser. He works on the development of localization tools that enable hundreds of millions of users to access software in their native language.

Andrej Kocet

In In d.o.o.

Andrej Kocet is a System Organizer, Consultant and Project Manager at In In d.o.o., Murska Sobota. He started his education at Secondary School of Economics, Murska Sobota and continued at the Faculty of Economics and Business at University of Maribor, majoring Management. Andrej has dedicated most of his education time to fields of collecting data, transforming data into information, decision making processes, decision support systems, business intelligence and other.
He has more than 10 years of experiences in fields of information systems integration, implementation, user education, accounting, reporting, finance, risk management and project management, primary on the markets of small and medium enterprises in Slovenia and south-eastern Europe. Lately, Andrej dedicated a lot of his professional time to research of business intelligence systems, data visualization, presentation and data management.

Kristijan Pukšič

Matej Golob

Damjan Matičič

Koofr d.o.o.

Science business


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