Slovenia’s Business Conference

Program committee

Prof. dr. Saša Divjak

Saša Divjak is a professor emeritus at the University of Ljubljana. He obtained his PhD from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the same university.

Past responsibilities: section head for automation, robotics and bio-cybernetics at Jožef Stefan Institute; assistant manager at Iskra Delta Computers; associate dean for research activities at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (University of Ljubljana), associate dean for research activity at the Faculty of Computer and Information Science, and then dean on the same faculty at the University of Ljubljana; visiting professor at the University of Videm (Italy); head of the Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Multimedia.
Professor Divjak has also been responsible for a number of projects in the field of computer-aided simulation and the automation of various technological processes. He was further responsible for several other projects in the field of multimedia and computer literacy.

In the past, Prof. Divjak has been president of the Slovenian section of the IEEE; a member of the Executive Committee of the Slovenian ACM; president of the international association of Colos (Conceptual Learning of Science); president of the assembly of the international HSci association (Hands on Science); senior IEEE member and president of the Slovenian IEEE computer section; president of the European Academy of Sciences (, member of numerous program committees at various conferences (including: HSci, GRAPP, ERK, MIRK, VIVID, MPTL, SIRIKT).

Dr. Renato Lukač

Dr. Renato Lukač is a professor at the Higher Business School in Murska Sobota (Programming 1 and 2, System Software Maintenance). He is also a physics teacher at Gimnazija Murska Sobota High School. Dr. Lukač is a member of the editorial board for the FRiSK Festival (Festival of Computer Science and Modern Communications), vice-chairman of the Kmica Astronomical Association, chairman of the supervisory board for the Pomurje Academic Scientific Union PAZU, and a foreign associate of the Centre for Safer Internet SAFE.SI.

In 1992, Dr. Lukač received a degree in technical physics from the University of Ljubljana. He then immediately received a computer teaching position at Gimnazija Murska Sobota High School.

It is to Dr. Lukač’s credit that Gimnazija Murska Sobota High School ranks among the Slovenian pioneers in terms of the introduction of internet to schools. In January of 2000, Dr. Lukač received his doctorate for a dissertation on computer simulations involving liquid crystals at the molecular level in Vienna. He then spent two years conducting post-doctoral work for the Department of Chemistry at the University of Warwick. Here, he conducted research based on large-scale simulations in the field of chiral chromatography. After returning to Slovenia, Dr. Lukač focused on teaching. He also devoted special attention to the development of open code - introducing it to the learning process - and helping to integrate the field within e-education programs. He is now in charge of server and network maintenance at Gimnazija Murska Sobota High School. Dr. Lukač also remains devoted to raising awareness about safe internet use and access.

Milan Gabor

Milan Gabor is the manager and owner of Viris. This company’s primary business is development and security for information systems. Throughout his work, Mr. Gabor has been constantly faced with new challenges in the field of information security. Mr. Gabor has a wide range of practical knowledge involved with various fields in IT systems. He has continually upgraded his skills through education and training which has enabled him to provide high-quality consultancy for various companies and institutions. Mr. Gabor is actively involved in the research and development team within his company, and he also prepares research papers, lectures and workshops on the field of information security.

Daniela Kocet Puhan

Daniela Kocet Puhan is a project manager at First. Here, she works in the field of accounting and advisory services for companies seeking to enter the German market. Ms. Kocet Puhan has participated in the development of web application FEPS (which enables improvements in business efficiency through the creation and transmission of invoices and e-invoices). She is also an expert in the analysis of business performance and customer relationship management – CRM. Throughout her work, she has been constantly faced with challenges. Ms. Kocet Puhan has noted the need to increase the integration of new technologies with the world of entrepreneurship. She focuses on these challenges while developing and planning programs for the conference.

Anita Števanec

Anita Števanec is employed at Pomurska izobraževalno razvojna agencija (Pomurje Educational Development Agency). Here, she works as a project manager and is in charge of organization and marketing for educational content geared towards the needs and business requirements of various companies. Ms. Števanec is particularly experienced in the extraction of non-repayable funds, which is something that is also associated with new communication technologies. From the feedback she has received during her work, Ms. Števanec has noted the increasing need for more-intensive utilization of innovative computing and communications technologies. She points out that marketing experience brings out these new challenges. These challenges often require the formation of new ICT guidelines, and this has been a stepping stone for her contributions to the development of content for the conference.

Organizing committee

Miha Horvat

the Agency Pira, Murska Sobota

the Manager of the Agency Pira and the owner of company FIScom, business and management consultancy, Mihael Horvat, s.p., business and financial consultant.

Anita Števanec

Agency Pira, Murska Sobota

Responsible for organizing and implementing training programs, seminars and other educational programs; preparation of tender documentation and implementing and maintenance of quality standards.

Daniela Kocet Puhan

First, Murska Sobota d.o.o.

Responsible for marketing and helps other companies to enter foreign markets and to arrange documents for such activity.

Sanja Kropec

Graduate of marketing and public relations, president of Student club of Prekmurje, owner of GF inspiro d.o.o., company for marketing communications, president of Slovenian field hockey association, head of protocol and public relations Škisova tržnica, launcher of a start-up idea Goldfish for wishes

Romeo Varga

Romeo Varga working with Regional Development Agency Mura for last 15 years. His main field is social development. He was implemented several projects on national, crossborder and international level. Romeo handles management of projects of big scale and with numerous teams, stakeholders and institutions within multicultural environment. He has particular ability of mediation, negotiation and solving of disputes.

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