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Securing Science? Mission impossible!

Today new technologies are overwhelming users and also rest of the IT world. Technologies like Cloud, Big Data and IoT are big topics, but regarding security there is so much more to do. During presentation some issues will be pointed out, that are real threats to our everyday life and could interfere also with our lives. There will be also some ideas given, that might help business and also science to be more effective in future cooperation.

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Business across borders

As experience shows doing business across borders might be problematic due to local entrepreneurs' false prejudice and pricing policy choices. Tomaz Zaman will highlight various practice-based solutions that he himself used to launch a successful international company with more than 15,000 customers predominantly from western countries.

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Companies are often torn between the need to know their customers as well as possible, and concern that the customer data collection is too intrusive and would deter their customers. Therefore they are trying to establish the characteristics of their target group on the basis of existing business information; and then use this information for writing their business and marketing plan. However, customers profile can also be made using expert business knowledge. This will be presented at the conference through a case of service activity. More information on the Conference Science & Business.


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Sales and Data

Do you think that weather conditions affect the operating results? Does Sales Department often list rain as the reason for weaker sales? This is a lecture on how to apply Bayes network in the business, how to use it to analyze the data in real time and predict trends, and how can you build a model that allows you to analyze relationships of a 10 and more influences at the same time. We will present several practical examples and focus especially on useful cases within retail and wholesale. More information on the Conference Science & Business.

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Social Networks in the Future

Would you want to discover how You Tube, Facebook, blogs, Twitter and other social media tools affect the trend and the life cycle of a product in the phase of announcing the entering of a product to the market - on the case of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie? Yes, you read it right; you will get the answers to questions about perception and trends in the local market with interesting findings on new products and cross-selling, all based on the case of Hollywood best-seller. Want more? Meet us at the SCIENCE AND BUSINESS (Sci&B) conference. 

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Data Science

In today’s system, where complete focus is on the customer the companies find it increasingly difficult to manage customer relationships. On one hand, accessibility of information available to the customer is increasing, while on the other hand, the company has toactively manage a large set of data to ensure a step ahead of the demands of the customers and also adjust to them. Being able to manage the data represents/demonstrates a significant market advantage. You can hear more on the topic on the conference SCIENCE AND BUSINESS (Sci&B).

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Start-Ups and Spin-Offs

Startup companies offering new products or services can try a number of sale methods and different ways of commercialization of its products. Do you know how to be a success on Kickstarter platform?

Even after you have already succeeded on Kickstarter it is important to know how to organize the production and upgrade internet sale with selling your products in retail stores worldwide. If you are interested in experiences and best practices of successful young companies, register to the Science & Business conference

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We invite you to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and achievements to colleagues and professional as well as general public in the form of a conference contribution. Each paper is a contribution to the enrichment of the conference content and an opportunity for a personal affirmation, or the promotion of your knowledge, so you are kindly invited to participate. More information: here

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Where business meets science

How can science help entrepreneurs achieve something more, something new and something different? Our aim is to bring the world of science together with the world entrepreneurship right here - at the junction between Slovenia, Austria, Croatia and Hungary - and to emphasize the importance of cooperation between these two worlds. We invite you to join us in October at the first International Conference of Science & Business, which will be held in Radenci.

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